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Internship on Embedded Systems



When you join ARM Academy as an intern you tackle important projects early on. You don't shadow. You don't make copies. You dive into meaty projects right away that challenge you to find creative solutions to complex problems. You learn while you work and vice versa. And you get access to invaluable insight and mentoring from the industry's top leaders.

Duration - 3 Months (Full-time)


B.E, MSc or Diploma (Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation/CS/IT)


This is designed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the world of Embedded Systems design and development. The 3 month long program offers a hands-on practical training in a real world professional environment. All students have the opportunity to develop their skills and be job-ready by the end of the course.

Course Contents

Theory and Practical Classes
  1. Hardware Design – Schematic and PCB Design - 30 Hrs
  2. Embedded System Design Using Microchip PIC Microcontrollers - 45 Hrs
  3. Embedded System Design Using Nuvoton ARM Controllers - 45 Hrs

Hands on Practical training

  1. Hardware prototyping:

    Using soldering tools, organizing BOM, part identification, matching circuit board with schematics, cleaning PCB, testing soldered board with multi-meter, through hole parts and surface mount assembly, safety aspects, use of ground strap, Examination using lenses for short-circuit, dry solder.

  2. Testing/Calibration: - 30 Hrs
    • PCB Testing for connectivity
    • Functional test of PCB
    • Calibration of product and preparation of test document
  3. Quality control: - 30 Hrs
    • Incoming material inspection
    • Quality of assembly-Visual inspection
    • Quality testing against specifications, Six sigma basics
  4. PCB Design project - 30 Hrs
    • Product design such as DC-DC converter or DC-AC inverter
    • Schematic design, Library part creation, Netlist and BOM creation
    • PCB placement and layout
  5. Embedded Application program - 30 Hrs
    • DC motor control, Generation of PWM for fixed speed operation
    • Generation of ramp PWM for speed profile operation
    • Reading speed and display in LCD, Closed loop speed control of DC motor
    • Designing embedded systems for GSM/RF wireless applications
  6. Service and Fault analysis - 30 Hrs
    • Check faults in existing boards
    • Debugging faults in products
  7. Seminars/Tests and Question/answers/Presentations - 60 Hrs
    • Seminars, participate in discussions, design reviews
    • Prepare power point presentations and documentation
  8. Reading datasheets, application notes, notes on power electronics - 30 Hrs
    • Preparing flowcharts for typical embedded applications

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