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Internship on Front-End Web Design


Course Highlights

Our Frontend Web Development Course teaches the fundamentals of frontend programming. You’ll explore HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. ARM Academy programs are intensive and outcome-oriented. We provide an immersive learning experience with 1-on-1 Mentorship with an Experienced Developer and you learn by building real applications.

Duration - 3 Months


Basic working knowledge of Windows based PC. No prior coding experience is required. Anyone from any educational background can pursue this internship.

Who should take this Course

This internship is for anyone looking to learn about Frontend Development. This program is ideal for beginners or current developers looking to enhance their frontend development skills for personal or professional projects and expand their portfolio.

Course Contents

Theory and Practical Classes
  1. Introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Learn Frontend Development building your first app: Bloc Jams
    • Semantic HTML
    • Including CSS in an HTML Page
    • Including external assets like images and fonts
    • CSS Stylesheets
    • Floats and Clearfixes
    • Tables
    • Forms
    • Flash, Video & Audio
    • Fluid Layouts
  2. Visual Design basics
    • Photoshop - Industry standard image editing software
    • Corel Draw - A vector-based graphics tool used for brand design, illustration, and wireframing
  3. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
    • HTML5 - HTML provides the scaffolding for web sites with HTML5 being the latest web standard used in most web applications.
    • CSS3 - CSS3 is the latest incarnation of CSS that has new & powerful features that enhances the user experience with transformations, animations and much more.
  4. Introduction to Javascript as a programming language
  5. Javascript in the Browser
    • CSS Transitions and Animations
    • Include JavaScript in a Web Page
    • Learn about the Document Object Model (DOM) and its capabilities
    • The different types of DOM Nodes
    • DOM Selectors
    • Adding and removing content with DOM Scripting
    • Browser events: propagation and handling
    • JavaScript Callbacks
    • Event Delegation and Event Objects
    • HTML5 Data Attributes
    • Including External Libraries like jQuery
    • Refactor the DOM Scripting with jQuery
    • Using jQuery events and helper functions
    • Using the Buzz Audio library to play music
  7. Responsive Layouts - Understand the basics of responsive design and how to launch a website that naturally adapts to any device and any screen size.
    • Responsive CSS with Media Queries
    • Building a responsive grid system
    • Using Bootstrap & similar responsive frameworks.
  8. UI/UX fundamentals
  9. Design Projects - Projects are prescriptive yet open to interpretation and creativity. They are designed to challenge you while providing guidance to keep you on track.
    • 1 fully functional fixed width website
    • 1 fully functional responsive website
  10. Project Portfolio - After completing at least two technical projects, you can build a personal portfolio site to showcase your work to date and projects that you complete in the future.

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